Oxnard Youth Premier Soccer League

Please check your schedule there were some field changes, times stayed the same. 
The games for this Sunday on the Rio Mesa Stadium are cancelled due to the district closing it down because of the rain.  
Here is a checklist for all teams to follow       
Day before the game:
1.       1. Check schedule to make sure no changes were made to schedule.
2.       2.Make sure information on your roster is correct (Players and coaches).
a.       Remember that we do not allow guest players from different clubs. Players need to be transferred onto your club so they can appear on your team roster.
b.       If you notice an error, please contact us directly at 805-444-1614.
3.       3.Print out game day roster (3 copies). For instructions follow link below.
Game Day
Before the game:
1.       1. Make sure you have player/coach I.D.s and Rosters.
2.       2. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the game start.
3.       3. Check in with referees 15 min before the game.
a.       Provide them with game roster.
b.       Both teams provide player cards.
c.       Pay referees.
4.       4. If home team, provide 3 game balls.
During the game:
1.       1.Team Manager and Assistant Coach assists the Coach with control of the sidelines.
2.       2. If a dispute should arise, ONLY the Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Captains may respectfully talk with the referees.
3.       3. It is a good idea to keep track of goals scored for both teams and penalty cards given for both teams (yellow or red) and the jersey number of the person receiving the penalty card. Verify this against what is noted by the referee on the Game Roster form.
After the game:
1.       1. Get player cards from referee.
2.       2. Referee will fill out all forms with final score, players who scored goals, and players who received a penalty card.
3.       3. Make sure information is correct, sign the rosters, and keep one for your records.
4.       4. Make sure your team sideline is clear of any trash left behind by your crowd.
5.       5. Email game results to OYPSLScorekeeper@yahoo.com.
a.       On subject line write down day, game # and teams played.  
Good luck to all teams!! 
O.Y.P.S.L 2017

Good afternoon everybody!! The final schedule has been posted. The games that were supposed to be played this past weekend have been re-scheduled, and I’ve also worked out the conflicts that arose from the previous schedule. The only schedule changes that will be made are: if parks and recreations close a field, or if the teams participating in State and National Cup advance to the next round. 
I will take to take this opportunity to inform teams that there will be a field charge, $20 per team apart from the referee fees, for those playing in these fields:
1. Oxnard College #1
2. Oxnard College #2
3. Oxnard College #4(Stadium)
4. College park #4
5. Del Sol Stadium
6. Rio Mesa #1 (Stadium) 
This is due to a rise in the hourly rate, and the fee we are charging will help us cover that cost for us to be able to keep such beautiful fields.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!!
Good luck! 
Rubén Ramos
League President


Click HERE for a list of clubs.

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