Oxnard Youth Premier Soccer League


Divisions : U-6(2010), U-7(2009), U-8(2008),

U-9(2007), U-10(2006), U-11(2005), U-12(2004)

U-13(2003), U-14(2002), U-15(2001), U-16(2000), U-17(1999), U-18(1998)

During this 2016 Summer Season, the OYPSL will be allowing loaner players throughout the season. We understand that there is no need to get new 2016 Summer ID's for players that teams are trying out to get ready for the competitive season. The new 2016-2017 ID's are right around the corner and there is no need to pay double. We ask that everyone have patience as we go through this new transition which will hopefully be a positive for the league. ALL PLAYERS will still be required to be registered with Cal South. 


Click HERE for a list of clubs.

The OYPSL Spring Season is underway.

We ask that all teams have patience with this transition.  It's been a headache for everyone involved including myself.  However, the most important thing is that we are at the end and the season will start this weekend.  
I ask that everyone take a moment and click on the following link:   http://www.oypsl.com/registration-forms  If the link does not work please copy and paste the URL into your address bar.  Under this section of the website you will find several documents that might assist you through the season (Including the rules).  Additionally, you will find documents on how to enter jersey numbers for both home and away, how to print your match reports and enter your scores.  YES, every team will have to enter their scores after every game.  Only scores and cards and the names associated with cards will need to be entered.
I will also ask that all players be entered onto the tournament roster so match reports can be neatly printed instead of manually written.  This can be accomplished by following the jersey number instructions.
Enjoy the season and let's use the OYPSL to prepare our District 7 teams for the fall.